Download Truecaller Mod APK v13.38.7 (Gold Unlocked)

Truecaller Mod APK is the most used application which provides identification and spam-blocking service. Download the latest version of Truecaller online APK 2023 for free.

Truecaller Mod APK

Truecaller Mod APK
App NameTruecaller Mod APK
Size73.57 MB
Latest Versionv13.38.7
Update16 October 2023
Truecaller Mod APK Premium unlocked

Overview of the Truecaller online

Truecaller was launched in 2009 by Nam Alan Mamedi and NAMI Zarringhalam, entrepreneurs from Sweden. The main reason to launch  Truecaller online APK is to know about the numbers that are not in your contacts or spam calls, So Truecaller will make you recognize who is calling or messaging.

Truecaller will help you not to be scammed by people who scam or fraud, So download the latest version for free. This App will tell you about the calls coming. Are they concerns to you, or are they potential fraud?

After downloading the true caller, you can search for anyone, not on your contacts list. Truecaller fetches the data from different social platforms and others, showing you. Truecaller should be downloaded on any phone because it will help you find unknown numbers and sms, and we should avoid that number.

Truecaller Online APK was the best App launched to get to know people even if they are not on our contact list. Truecaller platforms help; as you can, users can report such spam numbers that are not valid or fraudulent, which will show to everyone and alert them from such a scam.

Truecaller Mod APK

It is the modified version of Truecaller APK, In this version you will access to the gold membership and will get many of the premium features unlocked and the App provided is ads free and also can be downloaded in free.

Truecaller Mod APK Gold unlimited

 Get Truecaller Premium For Free

Truecaller online has premium features where you can access awesome additional features. Truecaller Premium offers a user app with free ads. Advanced options to block and filter the calls and sms. Users can get to know who has viewed your profile.

Truecaller premium allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls that are essential and useful to you, like interviews or personal conversations.

There is a limit in contact requests in the free version, but in the premium version, contact requests are increased monthly, enabling users to connect more with people.

Incognito Mode is a premium feature that allows users to view others’ profiles without alerting them. In this premium mode, the user will get a quick response from the support to solve the user’s query.

Advanced Caller ID

Advanced Caller ID is an advanced premium feature in the App, which tells the detailed information of the caller. Some of the more detail is discussed below.

  • Name and Number Display

These features tell in advanced caller ID about the caller by name and number who is calling.

  • Picture of Caller

In addition to the number and name of the true caller, online APK may show the profile picture of the caller and how it shows the pictures. So the crawler of Truecaller Mod APK crawls all the media pages, and if it finds some information where the caller has logged in somewhere or registered his number, the true caller fetches detail from there and show it to the user.

  • Community Contributions

Truecaller has a community which is the best option in advanced Caller ID. The user reports the spam number and fraud number, which are fed into the database of Truecaller Online APK; whenever a call comes to anyone from that spam number, it will be detected and will appear notification to the user not to attend.

  • Block calls and Filter

Truecaller provides the ability to block and filter unwanted numbers to call. Create a blocklist and block those numbers, whichever you want. With the help of this feature, you can be safe and relaxed from annoying calls.

Truecaller Mod APK

Find Numbers

This App has a feature to search for a specified number and name. Before calling, try to find that number in Truecaller Mod APK, here user will get confirmation about the number that the user is calling, which is safe not to be connected with fraud. Users can connect with friends via VOIP calling opportunities for free. So you can connect with friends and family without paying mobile loads.

Connect with Assistant Ai

The Ai system is upgraded in a trending position, so each authority site and support system has launched an Ai system to connect with users and solve their issues. The Truecaller Mod APK has also given a platform to ask for details of any number or anything else. Truecaller is a powerful platform to detect spam calls. Assistant Ai gives 100 percent perfect information about user queries.

Convert Messaging service with Truecaller.

Truecaller offers another feature of messages where you can convert your default messaging app to the Truecaller Messaging app with special unique features. Here you can block messages, marketing messages, flash sms, some messages which originated you to the next tab, personal, scams, and others. It will automatically block spam messages.

Truecaller Mod APK

Free to Download

Truecaller Mod APK is free to download for both Android and iOS users. Users can download it for free from from the top of the page if any site asks for credits to get a fake App.

Pros and Cons

Can do Call recordingsSome users have privacy concerns and don’t want to share their info with others.
Block unknown and spam contactsPremium features require a little package, including recording and advanced spam protection.
Get to know about caller ID
Community platform warns all over the spam calls.
Truecaller premium Mod APK gives information about name, number and profile picture.
Helps identify incoming calls from unknown sources and show spam numbers.
Developed as easy to use
Truecaller Mod APK is a fully safe and secure platform
Free of Ads and Truecaller online protects users from scammers.


In Conclusion, Truecaller Mod APK: The ultimate caller ID and spam-blocking solution. Identify unknown callers, block unwanted calls, and protect yourself from scams. Enjoy advanced features like call recording and community contributions. Experience hassle-free communication with accurate caller information and enhanced privacy. Download for free on Android and iOS. Take control of your calls and stay secure with Truecaller Mod APK. Upgrade your calling experience today!


Yes, you can download it free of cost; you don’t have to pay a single penny to download Truecaller online App.

Yes, It is 100% safe to download. Now one can steal or scam you by this App.

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