Pure Sniper Mod APK v500217 VIP unlocked, Menu, All Guns

Pure Sniper Mod APK is a sniper game that plays a vital role in any war. Let’s download and become the best sniper and also get premium unlocked, unlimited money and gold, and unlimited energy.

Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting

Pure Sniper Mod APK
App NamePure Sniper Mod APK
Size153 MB
Latest Versionv500217
Update06 December 2023

List of Mod Features 

  • Unlimited Money and Gold latest version
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Vip Unlocked

The Gameplay of Pure Sniper

Its Gameplay makes just clear that the city has become an area of gangsters and criminals who have no fear. So, the special officer is deputed on the duty to clear the city from these bad guys. The boy who has got this special task to eliminate all the criminals from the city has special skills of sniping that’s why he is appointed. To eliminate all the bad guys you will need advanced weapons and other equipment to complete the mission. Also will have to use strategies to kill because they are also so smart.  After clearing the mission you will get rewards by which will be able to unlock weapons and other equipment and also all levels.

Pure Sniper Mod APK unlimited money and gold

Pure Sniper APK

Pure Sniper is a shooting game that is full of fun with multiple modes to play. Game developers have done a great job of providing us with such an engaging game. It is free to download and can play on Android iOS and PC. In the game city is full of bad guys who rob every expensive thing and they are so sharp to do their job but you have to eliminate them before they do any action.  Game features will guide you on what to do and will make you recognize who is bad guys.

Pure Sniper Mod APK

It is the modified version in which you will get access to premium features like unlimited guns and all levels unlocked. It is the advanced version but you also may have to pay a single penny to get this APK. Mod APK is safe to play don’t worry about any bans or restrictions. This mod version will give you access to all levels because all levels are unlocked and can get access to any level you want. All the mod works smoothly and easily to install. We have another Mod APK and are free to download are Manok Na Pula Mod APK and Undead Slayer Mod APK.


There are various features of pure Sniper. Read all features and get to know how to avail of them.

Various languages are installed

As you know pure Sniper is downloaded and played worldwide so that is essential to select their language from their settings which they may understand easily. There are various languages to select which are French, English, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, and many other languages available go and change languages.

pure sniper offers various languages

How to Find Enemy

When you start your journey to clear the city from bad guys you will find different enemies wearing something like a sniper or a cop would not identify them, and you have to recognize them by their gestures and doing something suspicious. Shoot them as soon as they run away or kill any Innocent.

Enjoy online and offline Mode

PVP Mode is a very interesting mode because this mode is very tough here all the professional players connect and war becomes more interesting to play. Moreover, you need a good internet connection to win if your internet connection is not stable you will lose the sniping battle. Moreover, offline mode is also available for players who do have not an internet connection to play. They just have to download the game on mobile then they can play offline mode.

Play online and offline

Sniper Campaign mode

Campaign mode is such an interesting mode where you visit different locations using different weapons. Complete the series and explore the virtual reality space With the different and unique weapons.

Police Mode

In this mode you have to help the police or the police may hire you because the police do not have advanced weapons to catch high-profile criminals so will assign tasks to help the police. Because you have upgraded weapons in Pure Sniper Mod APK. Help the police and get high rewards.

Different Missions to play

As you know Miniclip is the best developer of games, same here in Pure Sniper there are more than 400 levels to play. Each of the levels has a different scenario to complete it. By completing the level you will also face different enemies which will be more powerful than previous and will also face bosses which are more dangerous. Players should use advanced weapons and the good news is that all the weapons are unlocked so you may easily complete the game.

Weapons competition mode

In this shooting platform, different players take part and the player who has an exact shot will win the competition and will be considered as the best pure sniper.

Mod Features

Mod features are the best because they provide features that are unlocked and free to use. Let’s know about the mod features.

No Ads

Ads are important for the developer who wants to earn extra money but it is a very disturbing thing in any game. So we have blocked ads so players may enjoy the game for a long time without any disturbance.

All Equipments are unlocked

If you want to get all the items or equipment for free then download Pure Sniper Mod APK which is free. In this mod APK you will be provided all Equipment unlocked by which you can easily select any advance weapons and will clear the match in a short time.

pure sniper all equipments unlocked

Unlimited Ammo and Zero reload

Ammo is essential for the sniper, if bullets are limited then criminals may run away so download Pure Sniper Mod APK in which you will get infinite ammo. Moreover, in the modified APK your gun will be on zero reload and will be able to fire continuously with break and the enemy will get down easily.

Characters are Unlocked

Characters are very important because player loves the characters and want to unlock and they try hard to unlock them so download Pure Sniper Mod APK to get the APK characters unlocked and be happy.

All characters unlocked

Full Health/Max Health

Health plays a main role in staying in any combat so if you use a simple version your health can go down but if you are using Mod APK then you will get unlimited health, so be easy and finish the war. Moreover, if you want to get the with full health then download Bowmasters Mod APK and Mimicry mod APK.

What’s New

  1. A new zone is added by the name zone 19-LA city limits.
  2. About 7 New weapons have been added.
  3. A new contract mission and a manhunt are added.

Personal Review

Pure Sniper is the best sniping game available on the internet, players should download this game for the best experience of shooting game. Its Graphics are so well optimized that actions, shooting effects, the bullet coming out from the gun, and the shot that hits the criminals are shown clearly which engages the player and gives a real feel. So we suggest you get this app from our top given download button and enjoy the full-of-action Pure Sniper Mod APK.

Pros and Cons


  • It takes less storage compared to other shooting games.
  • Download and get unlimited money.
  • Get all characters unlocked and all levels unlocked.
  • Premium Unlocked version is here to get
  • It is free to download.


  • To play with friends you need an internet connection.

General Requirements to play Pure Sniper

  • It requires Android OS 5.1 and up.
  • 2GB RAM is necessary to play pure sniper.

How to play Pure Sniper on PC

Some of the players want to play mobile games on PC so it is very easy to play. You must follow these steps to install this game on your PC immediately.

Go to the Chrome search bar, type “Blue stacks Software “or “Android emulator,” and download it. After installing this app, you can play it easily on your computer without delay.

Play on PC


Let’s read these steps and follow them to download it.

  • STEP 1

 First, go to the top of the page. Then Click the download button located at the top of this page.

  •  STEP 2

 After clicking download, you will move to the next page and wait for 10 seconds; then again, click the download button to download it into your system.

  • STEP 3

Go to the file manager, find and install this game. While installing, it will take some permission to allow; you have to approve that. Then you can enjoy unlimited features of the latest version. In this process, you will not ask for any charge or credit to use this app or game.

Key Features

  • To get unlimited money and gold download Pure Sniper Mod APK.
  • There is a Mod Menu where you will get access to all the weapons and levels.
  • Everything is unlocked and free to use.
  • Get involved in the events to earn high rewards.


In conclusion, Pure Sniper Mod APK offers an immersive sniping experience with engaging gameplay, unlimited in-game currency, and unlocked premium features. Players assume the role of a sniper tasked with eliminating criminals in a city, employing advanced weapons across various game modes and missions. The modded version ensures an ad-free experience for seamless gameplay.

With optimized graphics, the game delivers a realistic and thrilling shooting adventure. Catering to diverse player preferences, Pure Sniper Mod APK provides both online and offline modes. The straightforward download and installation process makes it an appealing choice for shooting enthusiasts seeking an accessible and engaging gaming experience.


Yes, it is free to play. If any website charges you for downloading, move on. That’s fake. Download from our website for free.

Absolutely yes, you don’t have to pay for online games. We have updated this version with premium features that can be played offline.

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