Monopoly Go Mod APK v1.15.2 Remove ads and Mod Menu

Monopoly Go Mod APK is the best for a player who wants board games. Play it and win the different rewards. Download the latest version of 2023 for Android and iOS and get unlimited Money and dice, unlimited rolls, and a Mod Menu.

Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go Mod APK
App NameMonopoly Go APK
Size161 MB
Latest Versionv1.15.2
Update22 December 2023

Monopoly Go is a board game where you roll the dice and win amazing gifts. You will win money and difficult amazing and interesting things and will be able to use it for different purposes just like making your unique city. You will see a map with a different amazing location and you can buy upgrades to those places. Download the Pro APK of Monopoly to get the game easier because of the premium unlocked version.

Monopoly Go Mod APK unlimited Rolls

Monopoly Go Mod APK

It is the modified version of its simple version and you can get this from any game website and also from our website for free. In Mod APK you will get this game’s premium features unlocked in unlocked Game you will get access to unlimited money, unlimited dice, Mod Menu, infinite rolls, and free of ads. This Mod APK is free to download is safe from any virus and will not attack your device. There are also many features to use and some of them are described below. You can download another Mod APK Haunted Dorm Mod APK and Train station 2 Mod APK in free.

Play tournaments with friends

Do you know that there is a feature by which you can connect with your friends and family and play in a leisure time with them. Tournaments will be a little bit hard because there you will engage with real-time players who have also good skills to play board games. Roll your dice perfectly to achieve a good goal.

 Graphics and sound

 The graphics of the Monopoly Go Mod APK are awesome and its graphics are adjusted at high resolution with deep focusing colors which increase the value of the game. You will enjoy its colorful graphics and also will enjoy the sound of the game. The combination of both graphics and sound increases the value of the game.

Play on Android iOS and PC

Many people don’t you Android so they can play Monopoly Go Mod APK on their iOS And PC systems. If you want to play on iOS you can easily access this game but if you want to play on PC you have to download Blue Stacks software which supports Android games on PC and play Monopoly freely.

Steal bank in the Monopoly Game

Have you ever watched Money Heist if yes then you will enjoy these features. Because you will get a chance to rob the bank and to avail of this feature your dice 🎲numbers should be good and it hit that number where you may be able to rob the bank. After robbing the bank your account of money will be filled and used in doing interesting things.

Play online

Engage in the events and tournaments in rider to win the high rewards. Play daily to get prizes such as the Prize Drop Plinko mini-game, and the Cash Grab mini-game. Engage daily in the events to win rewards. You may amazing in every hour.

Ads free

The most irritating thing in the game is the ads because it pops up whenever a player is in the mood to play serious suddenly ads pop up. Moreover, ads are important for the developer because they provide earnings. But in this Monopoly Go Mod APK, we have blocked the ads. No, you can play it free without any interruption. Get another ads free games which are Legend of Slime Mod APK and Wonder Zoo Mod APK.

Monopoly Go Mod APK free shopping

Monopoly Go Mod APK Unlimited Money

Money is the main currency in the game which you will use to unlock and buy items but money is limited and hard to buy in a simple version. So we have provided you with limitless money by which you can unlock and buy anything you want.

Unlimited Rolls

There is a carrom dice in the middle of the map where you have to roll the dice and where dice will stop you will be rewarded with the different gifts which can be used to modify your city. So you will need unlimited rolls as you may get different rewards and fastly modify the city and Monopoly Go Mod APK is provided Unlimited rolls then enjoy the game with any break.

Monopoly Go Mod Menu

There is a huge Menu and it is full of different amazing items that you will need to buy we have also unlocked the Menu and you may buy and go through any menu you want. So just click the green download button at the top and get the game.

Monopoly Go Mod APK Mod Menu

How to play Monopoly Go Mod APK on PC

Some of the players want to play mobile games on PC so it is very easy to play. You must follow these steps to install this game on your PC immediately.

Go to the Chrome search bar, type “Blue stacks Software “or “Android emulator,” and download it. After installing this app, you can play it easily on your computer without delay.

General information and info

  • Monopoly Go was developed by Scopely, as they have done a great job in the field of gaming by providing us with such valuable games that make our leisure time the golden time.
  • It was launched on 11 May 2023 and is updated from time to time and adds new features. In a short time, it has achieved a great score.
  • This app purchases Rs 300.00 to 49.900 per item.
  • You need 119 MB to download the game.
  • It has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than 10 Million.

Pros and Cons


  • You can engage with your friends and spend your leisure time.
  • Enjoy the amazing combination of color and graphics.
  • Can play both online and offline mode.
  • Can save your progress on the cloud.


  • It could be an addictive game.
  • Need internet to play with friends.

What’s New

  • Brand new shiny bugs fixes in Monopoly and are fixed, Now you can play without hesitation.

Important Key points

  • When you roll the rice you should have a plan for each thing and which opportunity you have to avail yourself to become rich fast.
  • Spend your money in the right place and a good location.
  • Engage with your friends and do business with the collaboration of both of you and trade with your income to earn high rewards
  • To make the game more user-friendly download Monopoly Go Mod APK because it provides unlimited Money, unlimited rolls, and a Mod Menu.

Personal Review

I have played many games such as Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Risk, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Pandemic, Chess, Checkers, and many more but Monopoly Go is different from all because of its unique gameplay which engages me with the core of my heart. I loved the city of New York so this game gave me a chance to make a city just like you want. I will suggest that the players who like to play board games should download Monopoly Go Mod APK from the top download button.


Let’s read these steps and follow them to download it.


 First, go to the top of the page. Then Click the download button located at the top of this page.


 After clicking download, you will move to the next page and wait for 10 seconds; then again, click the download button to download it into your system.


Go to the file manager, find and install this game. While installing, it will take some permission to allow; you have to approve that. Then you can enjoy unlimited features of the latest version. In this process, you will not ask for any charge or credit to use this app or game.

Monopoly Go Play online


In Conclusion, Monopoly Go Mod APK spices up the whole board game scene. With unlimited cash, rolls, and a nifty Mod Menu, it takes the city-building strategy to a whole new level. Plus, say goodbye to those pesky ads for uninterrupted gaming, all wrapped up in vibrant graphics and cool sound effects. And get this – you can play it on Android, iOS, or your PC, making it super versatile. Sure, it might get a bit addictive, and you’ll need the internet to play with friends, but the regular updates keep things fresh. For all you board game buffs, snagging Monopoly Go Mod APK is a no-brainer for an awesome and endless gaming spree.


Yes, it is free to play. If any website charges you for downloading, move on. That’s fake. Download from our website for free.

Absolutely yes, you don’t have to pay for online games. We have updated this version with premium features that can be played offline.

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