Legend of Stickman Mod APK V4.1.8 Mega Menu, Shopping

Legend of Stickman Mod APK is an action game in which the player has to select his fight and clear the stages with unlimited money and diamonds. Let’s download the latest version, 2023, for Android and iOS.

Legend of Stickman Mod APK

Legend of stickman Mod APK
App NameLegend of Stickman Mod APK
Size137.5 MB
Latest VersionV4.1.8
Update10 October 2023

The Gameplay of Stickman Legends Mod APK

Legend of Stickman Mod APK an action game that leads you to the world of warriors where you have to eliminate sinister evils which have occupied the city and are killing everyone, so you have a task to fight against those evils. We have another stickman game by name stickman warriors Mod APK which is also amazing to play and that is also the most downloaded.

You will be given fighters who will fight against them and have a lot of distinct powers, and each has different abilities which are fantastic to use. We will tell about those warriors one by one.

As you enter the game, you will start fighting with the evils by completing levels. You will move to another level where other sins will be available. As you clear the decks, you will have different evils with extra powers. It would be best to use techniques and abilities as they may be killed easily.

Legend of stickman Mod APK unlimited money

Legend of Stickman Mod APK

It is a modded version of the Legend of Stickman where you will get unlimited resources like unlimited money and gems max level, unlocked all characters; these all items will be rewarded in free in the Mod APK, which you can get in free from apkcolours it is free to download and offline game. You don’t have to pay a single penny. Many hidden and advanced features will also be discussed with you. It is the latest and updated version of Stickman. Download Monster Legends Mod APK having amazing features.


There are various features in Legend of Stickman Mod APK to use, but you should know about those features, so let’s get in touch with features.

Legend of stickman Mod APK

Free to download

Legend of Stickman Mod APK is free to use and play. Many sites will take credits to get the app, but you can find this app free from here without investing a single money and enjoy the game with unlimited money, gems, and energy. Download Zombie Catcher Mod APK and it is free to download.

All characters are unlocked

In the modified version, you will unlock all characters by investing a penny. You have to download it from our official website. There are many characters to use. We should discuss the characters.

Bernald Griggs

He is the guardian leader of the east ground castle. He is the last survivor of that castle and has seven skills that he uses to kill the enemies and save the world; he has his main weapon ������ axe, which gives consequential damage to the opponent.

Legend of stickman Mod APK


Ignite is a famous gunner in Legend of Stickman Mod APK and skilled in her work; she lives in the east ground castle after the human army recaptured it. She researched a lot, and finally, she made a gun by which she proved her expertise and killed the devils. Her primary weapon is a gun.


A fighter who lives in a dense ancient Greymore forest. As the devils come into the world and start killing everything, the raven comes out of the forest after the years and should kill all the enemies, and no devil will be safe from their curse.


Mistral is a leader and the princess of the noble descent of the if race. As the invasion becomes and they come out from the forest, they kill the evils. Mistral also comes out and plays an extreme role in the war. Her primary weapons are arrows and bows. In which she is an expert.


He is the most dangerous fighter of the legends of Stickman Mod APK. He was a fighter in very high spiritual fights; now, if any devil fights with him will be killed.


Tao is a unique fighter with thousands of blades, and he is very efficient in using blades; he makes flowers for enemies he kills.

Legend of stickman Mod APK

Free shopping

Legend of Stickman Mod APK offers Free shopping in which characters are available, which are free to buy, and weapons can all be purchased free in the mod Version.

The challenge at the Leaderboard

The primary purpose of the leaderboards is to make the game more competitive and to encourage players to achieve higher goals. With the help of leaderboards, players can share their results worldwide. Leaderboard provides competition and motivation by which players interact with the game a lot so the player may play the game for a long time.

It can be a social platform where player compares their results, and players can share their strategies with other players to boost their self and make friendships with them.

Legend of stickman Mod APK unlimited money

Upgrade your skills

You are using a mod version, which provides unlimited money and gems by which you can upgrade your fighter and show power to the devil’s fighters, as the emphasis has been shown in the below image.

Pet shop

Legend of Stickman Mod APK has an excellent menu that also offers a pet that will always follow the player in the war and has an extensive gallery where a variety of pets are available, which you should buy and enjoy with them, such as Baby Myla, Baby Tao, Mystic Clause, demon, and Tinker-like. Many more pets are available for free because of the Mod version with the help of cyberpunk infinite money.

Legend of stickman Mod APK

Different Modes to Play

There are different Modes to play where you will have other tasks to complete; in some modes, you will have to fight against the boss or with a team of devils.

Arena Mode

As you know, in the arena Mode player has to finish the level in some time as you can also quick match, so here are 3 modes to play.

1. Ladder battle: in this mode, you will join a group to fight with 50 other people. And all the enemies will be selected based on the history of your score. Each session will be in 2 days, and the last will be on Sunday. In each session, you have to defeat 40 people. After the session, you will be awarded rewards and may use them for different things.

2. Arena: in this, you have 3 chances to find opponents free per day, and the ranking system is based on Elo.

3. Duel: In duel mode, you will fight with your friends; in this mode, 2 players will fight with each other. You can also find opponents whom you want to fight.

Endless levels

There are unlimited levels. You have to clear all the levels. All are very interesting to play, having infinite money cyberpunk. Stickman Legend has a lot of classes with a storyline. Judge your player’s ability and how they play and learn about their skills. Some levels differ from others as the developer has set up a surprise in the game.

Online Events

In stickman legends, you will get a chance to play in online events where you get challenges and will also get high rewards. You may play online events with friends and earn rewards by which you can upgrade your heroes.

Awesome Graphics

Any game is mostly like due to its graphics and storyline, so both in stickman legends are adjusted so well that each player will enjoy its features. So here we discuss its fantastic pictures as each attack is visible nicely, so download this stickman legends mod APK.

How to Play on PC

You must follow these steps to install this game on your PC immediately.

Go to the Chrome search bar, type “Bluestacks Software “or “Android emulator,” and download it. After installing this app, you can play it easily on your computer without delay.


Let’s read these steps and follow them to download them.


 First, go to the top of the page. Then Click the download button located at the top of this page.


 After clicking download, you will move to the next page and wait for 10 seconds; then again, click the download button to download it into your system.


Then Go to the file manager, find and install this game. While installing, it will take some permission to allow; you have to approve that. Then you can enjoy unlimited features of the latest version.

Key features

  • Enjoy its arena Mode and earn different rewards.
  • Collect various classes of Stickman fighters.
  • Customize your player with different weapon upgrades that are available for free.
  • Unlimited money and gems are provided to boost your player and upgrade him.
  • Players can play without an internet connection.


In conclusion, Legend of Stickman Mod APK is an action-packed game where players combat evil forces to save the city. With powerful fighters, unique abilities, and unlimited resources like money and gems, it offers an enhanced gaming experience. Engage in challenging battles, compete on leaderboards, and upgrade skills while enjoying captivating graphics. Download the latest version now to unleash your inner hero and embark on an exhilarating gaming adventure.


Yes, it is free to play. If any website charges you for downloading, move on. That’s fake. Download from our website for free.

Absolutely yes, you don’t have to pay for online games. We have updated this version with premium features that can be played offline.

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