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Download Larva Heroes Mod APK to save the insect’s world. Let’s download its latest version of 2024 for Android iOS and PC and get unlimited Money and candy, unlimited Everything, ads free, gold, and free shopping.

Larva Heroes APK

Larva Heroes Mod APK
App NameLarva Heroes Mod APK
Size96 MB
Latest Versionv2.9.2
Update13 DECEMBER 2014

Gameplay of Larva Heroes Mod APK

The story of the larva starts from here when enemies started to steal and eat their food and now it is enough larva will fight against the enemies by forming a powerful team that helps out in killing them. Larva has to make their food back from the enemy. Larva has a unique gameplay as there is a wide space like this game is not available anywhere on the internet.

So it is played a lot by the action lover players. Take your larva to the enemies and kill them by using larva martial art skills and each of the larva has different skills. Graphics and sound are customized to use. Ads are blocked. Can change the color of your larva into different given colors.

Larva Heroes: Lavengers

Have you ever thought that larvas will fight against their enemies if know then let’s play this game here insects have taken an oath to kill the enemies who are stealing their food and they also come in a team so we have also made a powerful team which will help us to fight like a team. You will have various options which you can use to boost your larva. It is free to download and can play on Android iOS and PC. Larva Heroes: Lavengers is free to download and safe to play on any device. It is action action-based game.

Larva Heroes Mod APK Lavengers

Larva Heroes Mod APK

It is the modified version of the Lavengers. Pro APK is easy to play because it is modified so that you can easily access anything you want.  In this, you will get premium features unlocked such as Unlimited candy and money, free shopping, and ads blocked. Don’t worry about your device it is safe from this game and it will not hit your mobile with any virus or attack. You can download this Mod APK from our website app colors. Build a team and invade the world. There are another Mod APK you can download are Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK and Special Force Group 2 Mod APK.


Various features of the game. Here are all the features described below.

Controls and user interface

Larva Heroes Mod APK has customized control, it is too easy to play because you can play it using a single hand or both hands it depends upon that how to Play. Playing games is art so don’t waste it. You do have not to use tricks to eliminate your enemy you just have to upgrade your larva to the max as the enemy gets one hit to be finished. The user interface is optimized so well that a newbie player can understand it easily.

Larva Heroes Mod APK Coupans

Captain Jack Coupons

Larva Heroes Pro APK offers coupons for the player and coupons are used to get gold, magical candies, and many more. There are also other ways to get Jack coupons, play online to get coupons, or play events also offer coupons.

Different larva Heroes to unlock

There are various characters in the game and each has unique abilities. Fight enemies by unlocking heroes and make a larva team with special powers. You can unlock all the larva from the menu using money, and gold, and the good news is that we have provided unlimited money and gold you can use them as much as you want. You will also see unique opponent enemies which I have shown below in an image.

Larva Heroes Mod APK different Character

Win level with 3 stars

Larva is a great player game who loves to play action Laravel games. In this, you will play 18 levels in story mode. To complete each level is very challenging because you need 3 stars to unlock a new level and to get three levels is not easy for the players but if you download Larva Heroes Mod APK then it will become easier because by this you have unlimited Money and candy which can be used to upgrade your insects so download this pro-APK and complete game easily.

Larva Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money and Candy

As you know this is a Mod APK so you don’t worry about the gradation of heroes of the game because you have limitless candy and Money this is just available to the pro mod APK users and don’t worry about any virus attacks or malfunctions. Just download and get back your food from the enemies and make a powerful troop. We have games with unlimited money are Heroes Strike offline Mod APK and Pure Sniper Mod APK.

Ads free interface

The most irritating thing in the game is the ads so you have not to worry about the ads. If you have downloaded Larva Heroes Mod APK then we have blocked ads from this so you can easily play the game without any disturbance.

Different languages to select

If you are from such a country where you can’t understand the language of the game so larva Heroes Mod APK offers multiple languages to select you can select any of the languages from the menu and will be able to understand all the missions and what to do In a task. Such as English, French, and money others.

How to play Larva Heroes APK game on PC

  • Some players want to play mobile games on PC, which are easy to play. You must follow these steps to install this game on your PC immediately.
  • Go to the Chrome search bar, type “Blue stacks Software “or “Android emulator,” 
  • Results will shown in regards to Blue stack. Then, move to any website and download from there.
  • After downloading this software, Install it on your PC and open it. 
  • Now you are ready to use it. Again, download the game that you want to play on a PC. After that, open that game through the blue stack and enjoy it.
Larva Heroes Mod APK Play On PC


Let’s read these steps and follow them to download it.


 First, go to the top of the page. Then Click the download button located at the top of this page.


 After clicking download, you will move to the next page and wait for 10 seconds; then again, click the download button to download it into your system.


Go to the file manager, find and install this game. While installing, it will take some permission to allow; you have to approve that. Then you can enjoy unlimited features of the latest version. You will not ask for any charge or credit to use this app or game during this process.

General Requirement and Info

  • This Game is updated by tubaN and they have played a great role in the field of gaming by providing us such a great game.
  • It Requires Android OS 4.4 and up.
  • Larva Heroes was published by Mar 1, 2014
  • In app purchase Rs 120.00- Rs 12,400 per item.
  • You need 95 MB to download this game.
  • It is downloaded more than 10 millions.
  • it has reviews 4,3 stars.


In conclusion, the Larva Heroes APK enhances the Larva Heroes: Lavengers game with unlimited money, candy, free shopping, and an ad-free experience. The mod offers diverse features, including customized controls, Captain Jack Coupons, and a variety of larva heroes with unique abilities. Players can easily win levels with three stars. Larva Heroes Mod APK provides an enjoyable and convenient gaming experience, easily accessible across different platforms. Download and installation are simple, requiring no charges or credit. Enter the larva world, build a powerful troop, and reclaim your stolen food.


Yes, it is free to play. If any website charges you for downloading, move on. That’s fake. Download from our website for free.

Absolutely yes, you don’t have to pay for online games. We have updated this version with premium features that can be played offline.

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